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"मेरी माँ खाने बाहर जा रही हैं।"

Translation:My mother is going out to eat.

August 7, 2018



In English, "eat out" almost always signifies "eating at a restaurant" (not "eating outside")...so to confirm, in Hindi, खाने बाहर जाना means both?

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There is a subtle difference between the two. "मेरी माँ खाने बाहर जा रही हैं" means "My mother is going out to eat" while "मेरी माँ बाहर खाने जा रही हैं" "My mother is going to eat outside".

However, in spoken Hindi, you can convey either meaning with both sentences depending on which words you choose to stress.
from https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/29823376


Why wouldn't "My mother is going outside to eat" work?


This should also be accepted.


Which part of the grammar make it a "to do something" sentence?

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