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  5. "Tribbles are not good pets."

"Tribbles are not good pets."

Translation:Sajmey QaQ bIHbe' yIHmey'e'.

August 7, 2018



The feedback I received on this question said the correct answer was "Sajmey bIHbe' yIH'e'." - which I believe would mean "Tribbles are not pets." rather than "Tribbles are not GOOD pets."


Looks like QaQ got left out of some of the translations. They should be fixed once the system updates in a week or so.


How incorrect would,"Sajmey QaQbe' bIH yIHmey'e'" be? And if the answer is "Super incorrect", could you explain why? lol


Very mildly incorrect. It's an odd thing to say, but sort of has the same meaning and is not grammatically incorrect. It would translate to the English, "Tribbles are not-good pets." It moves the negative from the "are not" to "not good". I suppose it would be a good wording if you wanted to be emphatic that they are indeed pets, but as pets they are "not good".


Much appreciated. Thank you.

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