English translations wrong or awkward

After giving a correct answer and being marked incorrect there is the report feature. However, if the sentence to be translated is a correct sentence in Hungarian but the DUO suggested English is incorrect or awkward there is no choice for reporting that.

If I want to suggest a correct answer I have to suffer being marked wrong and then copy and paste the DUO answer to get it right the next time I am faced with that sentence.

There should be a checkbox for “my answer should be accepted” when we are translating from learning language (Hungarian here) to native or language we are coming from (English in this case.)

Please? !

August 7, 2018


I agree, or to say that the English translation is awkward - I have had this issue with Russian the most, and some phrasing in Spanish. Both for English speakers.

August 7, 2018

Perhaps we can join forces, since your situation is a special case of the problem I reported here ( Maybe you could upvote that thread so it will gain more attention. I did the same here.

August 7, 2018
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