"These people play for two hours every day."

Translation:ये लोग हर दिन दो घंटे खेलते हैं।

August 7, 2018

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So "ये लोग दो घंटे हर दिन खेलते हैं।" is wrong?


This is my question, as well. So sad that two years have passed and no one has commented. Is this word order fixed? Why?


This is a horribly designed part of the course.

Just because it deals with time, does not mean that everything related to it must be lumped in the very limited scope of this part of the course!


Is ये लोग हर दिन दो घंटे के लिए खेलते हैं।incorrect? I read it's okay to omit के लिए but also okay to keep it.


why not : ये लोग हर दिन दो घंटे "se" खेलते हैं। ? se for "for" ?


Is there an implicit post-position after घंटे? I assumed "ghantaa" would be correct but was marked wrong.


It's plural, two hours


Can the moderator help me to understand this sentence? Basically the structure is : subject + time + Postposition + verb. I did: ye log das ghanta har din khelte rain. But duolingo considered it wrong.


i want to stop this learning. Because i cannot finish my replies properly. Many times i complained but no change comes

[deactivated user]

    what the hell!!!

    ये लोग रोजाना दो घंटे खेलते हैं।

    what is wrong in it??

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