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Students can see assignments but cannot click on them

Does anyone know how to make sure that students are able to click on the assignments to complete them? I have some that can see the assignments but not click on them. Any help would be appreciated!

August 7, 2018



Please make sure they're actually in your class... if they are correctly added to a class that has given a skill as an assignment, it should unlock for them almost immediately. If it's being stubborn, closing Duolingo and re-opening it would cause it to refresh in the background and the skill should be clickable within a couple of seconds.


They can see the assignments, but when they click on them, it takes them back to the home page and not to the assignment.


Ohh, I thought they couldn't click on them because they were like "grayed out". This is unique! Not sure what's going on. Thanks for the bug report.


Awesome! lol

For the time being, I'm telling them to go ahead and just click on the bubbles that correspond with my assignments on the home page and it still counts them as completing the assignment. However, it would be helpful to get the bug looked at!


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