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  5. "For him?"

"For him?"

Translation:Pro něj?

August 7, 2018



Is "Pro něho?" correct too?


Why nej? I cannot see tips in my phone app. I thought neho is correct for him and nej for her


pro něho and pro něj are equivalent, pro ní is for her.

Do not confuse Czech and Slovak.

You see the tiod in your mobile browser.


You dropped this link in a previous exercise : http://prirucka.ujc.cas.cz/?id=ono&dotaz=je&ascii=0 in which jej is in the same cell as nej. So why isn't jej one of the options either?


The versions beginning with "n" are used after prepositions. See VladaFu's reply below or, for example, Personal Pronouns at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Czech_declension#Personal_pronouns. Note especially... "In 3rd person (singular and plural) j-forms are used without prepositions, n-forms are used after prepositions."


I found that i can open the tips in a web browser on my phone and then use the app switcher to go back and forth.


Why is pro ho wrong?


After prepositions use the forms (něho, něj) as stated in the Tips and notes.


401 Czech verbs only gives neho for use after a preposition whereas Czech in a nutshell gives neho and nej. Which authority is correct as they are both from Czech nationals. I am confused.


Neither is an authoritative or complete resource. Use at you own risk. What we show here does exist.

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