"Matěj and his brother are my uncles."

Translation:Matěj a jeho bratr jsou moji strýci.

August 7, 2018

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Which is the most commonly used? Strýci or strýcové?


'Strýcové', at least according to the Czech language corpus.


Would strýcům be correct?


No. 'Strýcům' is dative plural, you need nominative here.


What about "...a svůj bratr.." Thx


No, svůj relates to the subject of the sentence. He is not his own brother.


Thanks, so there is no way in that specific sentence to distinguish, whether it's Matej's brother's son or another person's son, who are the uncles.


There are no sons mentioned/involved...

The uncles are 1) Matěj and 2) Matěj's brother.

What do you want to distinguish between?


Sorry, sons, uncles, whatever. The uncles could be either Matej and another person mentioned before, I myself had uncles from my mother's side as well as an uncle from my father's side, they were not brothers. Thx

PS: Let's say we have been talking a while about Frantisek (Frantisek and Matej are not brothers but my uncles). And i want you to know "(Don't you know) Matej and his brother (Frantisek) are my uncles."


I'm sorry, I really don't know what your problem here is.

The sentence says that my uncles are Matěj (that's person A) and Matěj's brother (person B). There is only one way to interpret this, no ambiguity at all. I absolutely don't see what you find confusing here.

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