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  5. "Sagh HoD Qel je."

"Sagh HoD Qel je."

Translation:The captain and the doctor were serious.

August 7, 2018



Looks like "the captain and doctor are serious" was not accepted, it was looking for "the captain and doctors"


I'd suspect it requires the the on both nouns too.


If that is the case then the requirement is wrong. The captain and doctor are serious is a perfectly good way to say this.


You are right.


What was the exact sentence prompt and what was your exact answer?

Was your sentence "the captain and doctor are/were serious"? Maybe the accepted answers only have it as "the captain and the doctor are/were serious"?


Hang about... a captain and a doctor? Knew you wonderful peeps slipped an Airplane! reference in there somewhere. ...and Don't call the Doctor {SIrlIy}!


It also didn't accept "The doctor and the captain were serious." :(


Right. The captain is listed first in the Klingon and so should also be listed first in the English. I know it may seem excessively strict, but there may be a reason why the Creator of the sentence wanted to list the captain first. And we also want to discourage users from just translating all the parts of the sentence in reverse order.


It also didn't accept "The doctor and the captain were serious." :(

Indeed, because HoD means "captain", not "doctor", and Qel means "doctor", not "captain".

Thus HoD Qel je means "the captain and the doctor".

If you switch them around, it looks as if you're confused about what HoD and Qel mean and that you mixed up their meanings, writing "doctor" for HoD etc. So it marks that option as wrong.

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