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"Ĉu la islanda estas pli facila ol la hungara?"

Translation:Is Icelandic easier than Hungarian?

August 8, 2018



Is it? Does anyone know?


I don't know, but my money is on "jes, la hungara estas pli malfacila ol la islanda" - especially for people who already know two Germanic languages.


NO. Every language is easier than Hungarian.

In all seriousness, Hungarian is not a Germanic language. Its not even Indo-European (which includes ever language from Romance to Indo-Iranian). Its actually derived from Finnish, which is its own separate language tree. There's a beautifully illustrated one online if you search for "language tree".

Although assuming the asker of this questions speaks Finnish, then yes, Hungarian would be an easy language to learn.


As far as I know, Hungarian doesn't come from Finnish. Both of them are Finno-Ugric but not one coming from the other.

As IstvnHerdt says, I heard that Hungarians don't understand Finnish. There is also this nice table that compares Finno-Ugric languages :) (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Finno-Ugric_languages#Numbers).


I know from hungarians who studied finnish that it is not easier to learn that than any other languages.


I do think Icelandic is easier. For me one of the measures of language difficulty is cases, and Icelandic has 4, while Hungarian 17-18 (http://www.hungarianreference.com/Nouns/).


La hungara estas unu de la plej malfacila lingvo en la tuta mondo por homoj (kiu parolas la anglan denaske) lerni


Now i understand why they used insulo for island.


Well insulo comes from Latin and is related to familiar words like "insulation" and "peninsula."


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