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  5. "The spies have defected."

"The spies have defected."

Translation:cheHpu' ghoqwI'pu'.

August 8, 2018



This seems like a case where -ta' would usually work well. Somebody usually wouldn't defect by happenstance. I would think that generally quite a bit of forethought and plotting would be involved. I have probably watched Red October way too many times.


-pu' doesn't imply happenstance. -pu' is the general perfective suffix; -ta' is the perfective suffix specifically relating to intentional accomplishment. You can always use -pu', even where -ta' would also be appropriate.

jagh vIqIppu'
I hit the enemy (whether on purpose or not).

jagh vIqIpta'
I hit the enemy (on purpose).

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