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  5. "I should go now."

"I should go now."

Translation:अब मुझे जाना चाहिए।

August 8, 2018



Doesn't चाहिए mean want to? Shouldn't the translation be: I want to go now?


चाहिए means 'want to' when used with nouns, but 'should' when used with verbs. The translation given is correct. "I want to go now" would (I think) translate as अब मैं जाना चाहता हूँ (चाहना can be used with both nouns and verbs to mean 'want').


Does "अब" always have to go before "मुझे"? I feel like you could switch the order of those two words and not change the meaning of the sentence.


Your are right. You can say मुझे अब जाना चाहिए। But the emphasis sounds different to me. The given answer just means that your are now saying you have to go. Putting अब next to जाना sounds to me like you are saying you have to go now (immediately, emphasis on "now").


The pronunciation of अब is not correct it said aeb


"अब मुझे चलता चाहिए" is also very common and acceptable.


JANE is used for plural JANA for singular.... the sentence refers to oneself.... which is singular therefore JANA


I still do not understand how to know when chahati means want or should, does it depend on whether it's Mujhe and mai + hai?


Chahiye (as per gender).... is used both in the context of "wanting" as well as in the context of "should". Generally when it is used in the context of latter.... there is another transitive verb in the sentence, in this case "Jana" .... and therefore chahiye becomes an adverb and means should.

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