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Please create Duolingo stories in Korean!

I am sure that Korean language learners would love to read korean written stories. For it would help a lot in understanding sentence structure and being fluent. Please, create Duolingo stories in Korean.

August 8, 2018



I learned a ton about German by WATCHING MY SISTER DO THEIR STORIES. Mind you, I have not studied German in any way, however after watching her do just 2 stories, she let me match the English words to the German ones- and I got them all right. Moreover, the HARDEST part of learning language for me, including Korean, is vocab. In other words, I single-handedly beat my entire issue in one go, using stories, in a language I don't know. If I could do this with Korean, I'd actually be able to remember the words by now.


yassss preach

Duolingo, this would help a lot of Korean learners! Please!


are you US army? or do you mean something else army? I did the US Army Defense Language Proficiency Test in Korean and got a 2+ if I recall in reading and speaking/listening. that's i guess like advanced plus :) im not serving anymore. I did love it in Korea when I was there.


It is the name of the fans of a Kpop group. The "Army" is their fans.

[deactivated user]


    I am sorry, I should have made it clear... I am a fan of a K-pop group. Congrats on your achievement! I visited S. Korea last year and it was beautiful.

    have a lingot <3


    thanks! Where did you go in Korea? I have been to Seoul, Daegu, and Pusan for the most part. Pusan was very pretty. I would like to check out Jeju-do at some point too.


    Hi! I went to Seoul and Busan. (separate trips) One of my family friends live in Busan.


    [deactivated user]

      I wish, I could go.




      Unfortunately, the course is still in beta and only has 2 contributors who are volunteers.

      It is unlikely suddenly we will have more volunteers to assist. The contributors are working really hard already.


      I agree!! Duolingo Stories are great way to learn a language, and I love using them for Spanish. I do feel that your Korean practice is quite sub-par at the moment, and developing Stories would be a great way to enhance it.


      YES! It will help our growth a lot.


      Please do!! Korean has far less development and features than other languages on this app (especially Spanish). I would appreciate it if the Duolingo team spread their focus a little more evenly across languages : )


      OMG YES! I would love that!


      예, 부탁합니다!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      If you want to read stories in korean you can use this site. It probably isn't the same,but I hope it helps. :) https://readlang.com/ko/library


      This is a good idea! Simple children stories or nursery rhymes will be very helpful for us beginners. I know it's available on Youtube but I'm just looking forward if Duolingo will have their own spin on it.


      Where can I sign up to volunteer? I am a native of Korea. (Mind my level 9, I just tried out the test out skills only)


      To volunteer to help with course creation, the usual procedure is through the incubator page of the corresponding language here. I don't think they have an open call right now, but you can always try to be in their database. Note that to be selected, they have to "see" through your application that you have the right commitment and knowledge of the different languages. Saying "I like kpop" usually does not qualify to create a high quality course. Saying "you have C2 level in English and linguistic training in Korean" will probably increase your chances.

      To volunteer for the Duolingo stories, I'd contact Duolingo directly. For now, I don't think they have worked with volunteers for this. All the translations are done in house by the Duolingo team (maybe reaching out directly to natives around them). Not sure though. Just a guess from my side.


      Yeah! That would be awesome!


      네, 너무 원해요 ~ ~ ~


      Ohhh! I like that idea!


      Please, Duolingo! For the Korean learners!!!!


      Yes please make korean stories


      Is there a plan to create storeis in Korean? I love the ones for Spanish. Helps makes it more interesting.


      why cant we make our own?


      my friends say the stories really help them with french so i would really appreciate some stories in korean as well!!!


      Yes please! It would be the best if you did that Duolingo! :D


      We’re finding Korean contributors who can contribute to make stories with us . If u want to then, what are u waiting for ?! Let’s do it !!!

      Hey,, do you want to contribute in Unofficial DLG stories... ?? We would be happy to have u( we accept teenagers so don’t worry)*** So,, no worries abt age.

      It’s not same but it’s so similar like official DLG ... Since DLG is not paying any attention to it(stories) ,,that how much we want stories to make sure that what we are learning is going in a right way... Are we learning the same way as the native ppl learn and talk ?( There are numerous questions) So,, we are doing a project on making DLG stories .

      • If You Want To Contribute then follow the instructions as I say

      Click on the link that I have given below and do a comment that u want to contribute and our admin ( Randriano ) will send u a email & u have to register there and have to tell ur username to our admin and by that u can be a contributor...

      You can also have a look here to know how much great it is ; ) Unofficial Duolingo Story


      So,, if u want u can join and for others we are working on many languages such as Spanish,Dutch,Russian,Italian, Hindi,Hebrew,Tagalog and so on... So,, feel free if anyone wants to contribute in those or other languages Thank you ;)


      Thank you so much for these resources!

      감사합니다!! <3


      Hi guys and can we all my friend :)


      Should we just comment stories or something?



      Stories would be useful, now that timed practice has been removed and no other feature has been introduced for Korean.

      The lack of any practice format other than the basic "practice", makes learning a lot more slow and tedious.


      weet je zeker want korean is superleuk dus als ik jou was zou ik koreaans maar gauw gaan leren stom mens


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