"Do you like these sweet wines?"

Translation:¿Te gustan estos vinos dulces?

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when do we use este esta and esto

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As a demonstrative article (before a noun) you can use "este" with masculin nouns and "esta" with feminine nouns. Note that the plural of este is estos and the plural of esta is estas. Some examples:
Este chico es joven.
Esta chica es rubia.
Estos chicos son educados.
Estas chicas son inteligentes.

As a demonstrative pronoun (not before a noun), "este" is masculin, "esta" is feminine and "esto" is neuter. When the gender of something is irrelevant or unknown, you can use "esto". But if you are substituting a noun that you have already mentioned you can use "este" or "esta" depending on the gender. Let's say that esto is used like "this" and este/esta like "this one". For example:
Esto es interesante = This is interesting.
Me he leído todas tus novelas. Esta es la más interesante. = I have read all your novels. This is the most interesting one.
¿Qué es esto? Esto es un libro = What is this? This is a book.
He visto muchas películas pero esta es la mejor que he visto nunca. = I have watched many movies but this one is the best.

I hope that this helps! :)

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