"Matěji, proč jíte kočky a psy?"

Translation:Matěj, why do you eat cats and dogs?

August 8, 2018

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Such an odd thing to have to write..oo!


I don't understand here, why the sentence "Why ARE you EATING cats and dogs" is not accepted, while this formulation was accepted before. Thanks !


In this case, well, it is a new sentence for the course and does not contain all translations yet.

I will add it.


We get reports "This sentence is unnatural or contains an error". Please always explain how it is unnatural. In language terms of course, I hope you do not just flag that ypu don't believe Matěj would eat cats or dogs.


It's a little off topic but if I report something I can't add any comment with the report. Just select one of three options


I can do this t

If it is impossible, you can always comment here.


That's what I do when I have a problem, and thanks to anyone answering :)

But nope I can't comment on the report section https://www.dropbox.com/s/kvlycfsmkzuwzs9/Screenshot_20180817-082602.jpg?dl=0

Edit : ok I see what's happening. You can comment in the app but not on the web... But I'm using the web and not the app because in the app, for some reason, there's only access to the exercices, not the lessons...

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