"जूलिया पीटर से चाय लेती है और राज को देती है।"

Translation:Julia takes the tea from Peter and gives it to Raj.

August 8, 2018

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If I'm correct then a literal translation (which helps for me) would be: Julia Peter-from tea takes and Raj-to gives.

Julia is the Subject, Peter and Raj are the indirect objects and the tea is the direct object.

Subject + (IndirectObject preposition) + DirectObject + Verb + Auxiliary, IndirectObject + preposition + Verb + Auxiliary.


Why was "Julia takes tea from peter and gives to Raj" marked wrong? What is the difference?? Is the "it" really that important for an English translation...surely it is implied no?


This doesn't sound right to me as a native English speaker. You need to refer back to the direct object (tea) by following "gives" with "it". If you ended the sentence with "gives to Raj", it would sound like Raj is a charity and you are donating money to him.


Yeah, I agree; you really do need to say "gives it", not just "gives". I know it's not logical, but that's English for you.


I have the same question. I think it has to do with that you don't just take 'some tea' but you take the entire cup of tea and pass it on to Raj. I'm not sure though.


See my response to @paul376479 - "give" is a transitive verb in English, so there must be an object, even if the object was already mentioned (in which case you use "it"). This is the main reason the word "it" exists in English - to refer back to something previously mentioned.


@CSJLrklK is correct. The technical reasonis: in English, "give/gives" is a transitive verb, meaning it needs a subject AND an object. In a sentence like this with a compound predicate (i.e. two "actions" for the same subject), the subject (Julia) is implied, but the object (tea) needs to be specified again. The word "it" can be used to refer back to the previously mentioned object (the tea!)

That being said, if you said "Julia takes tea from Peter and gives to Raj," a native English speaker wpuld understand what you mean, but it would also be obvious that you are not a native speaker. Its just one of the small details that make English so hard to learn!


"Julia Peter se chai leti hai" means "Julia takes the tea from Peter", and "Raj ko deta hai" means "gives it to Raj". Personally, it helps me understand long sentences like this one if I break it down into two smaller ones.


Do not rob Peter to pay Raj


I wonder how Peter feels about that?


I don't think he knows. And I don't want to be the one to break it to him that his trusted friend Julia is stealing tea from him.


I think Julia is staging an intervention and trying to get poor old Raj off all the alcohol he drinks


"it" is implied in Hindi!


I wrote "Julia takes tea from Peter and gives it to Raj." It was marked incorrect because of no "the" before "tea". Is the article "the" really required here?


Where can I learn all these grammatical terms (easily) that everybody is using so that the conversation, and what I'm learning, makes sense? It confuses the socks off of me. Clearly I slept through 8th grade grammar.


Don't focus too much on the grammar. Learn the words first. You can't speak even with perfect grammar if you don't have the vocabulary.


What would the Hindi be if the word "the" was removed from the English?


I just missed the why its wrong "Julia takes tea from peter and gives it to raj"


Leaving articles like THE should not be considered as a mistake. I need mark for it


Leaving THE should not be considered as wrong


I want to know why is this translation wrong: Julia take tea from Peter and gives it to Raj

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I think there are two issues: There needs to be "the" before tea. It should be "Julia takes" not "Julia take".


um what

I put down chai as tea because in india everyone calls tea chai


Is it lathee and dathee because tea is female? Or because Julia is female?


Muze bhi chai dedo


This sentence was so confused


Mera to theek or jis ka kalat hai wo bata de


Julia takes the tea from Peter and give it to Raj


This l don't know


Julia takes the tea from Peter and gives it to Raj


जूलिया पीटर से चाय लेती है और राज को दे


Hold up wait a minute something ain't right, so we know from previous question RAJ took tea from Neha and did did he FORCE Juila to bring him food? Game theory investigate!

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