"मैं भी गाता हूँ।"

Translation:I also sing.

August 8, 2018

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i sing too should be acceptable


Could mean "I sing too"


I think the difference is "Like you, I also sing" vs "Besides dancing, I also sing"


No. "मैं भी" would mean something like "Not just them, I too". On the other hand "I sing too" would be "मैं गता भी हूं". The position of भी changes the meaning. It almost always comes after the word that it's modifying.


Actually, both "मैं भी" and "गता भी" can be meant by "I sing too". Just depends on what you mean. A wild guess: Maybe they intended to teach just the "I also / I too" structure in this case.


Does the sentence mean that others sing as well (as in German "Auch ich singe") or that, among other things, I also can sing ? As far as I know, bhî emphasizes the preceding word, so I believe the first meaning should apply. Right?


You are right. "मैं भी" means "Others sing, I too can sing" (Auch ich singe). Ex: वे गाते हैं। मैं भी गाता हूं। (They sing. Also, I sing.)

On the other hand "मैं गाता भी हूं" would mean "I sing too" (Ich singe auch). Ex: मैं नाचता हूं। मैं गाता भी हूं। (I dance. I sing too.)


This certainly implies the former Auch ich singe... the latter is conveyed by MEIN GAATA BHI HUN... ich singe auch....I sing too (in addition to sth else). Aptly brought out by JayanthVarma. As a matter of fact... ich lerne hier Deutsch .... i am learning German here.


Could this also mean "I sing also," or is this specifically adding to the list of things I do.


My interpretation exactly: "I also sing" = I also sing amongst other occupations.

"I sing also/too"= You people sing? Me too.


मैं= I भी= also गाता= sing (cuz we are using 'I' here) हूँ= its just showing the possession of the above

So basically duolingo was keeping it in order of the hindi sentence, but you can say it like that too.


I sing also is also correct


Duolingo doesn't seem to agree with that...


I agree: I sing too should be correct too


I think, it would be better if phrases from masculine characters would go with male pictures. It's very distracting and confusing when a girl speaks like a man.


Sounds a bit weird, yeah :D


I sing also isnthe same as I also sing. This is correct answer.


"I sing too" is equally correct and possibly more frequently used in English.


I sing also should be accepted.


I sing as well is not accepted.

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