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  5. "Mtoto ana shati la pinki"

"Mtoto ana shati la pinki"

Translation:A child has a pink shirt

August 8, 2018



I'm noticing that in these lessons, only the colors white, black and red modify without the article. All the other colors use the -a article between the noun and the color. Is that a rule or just a coincidence in these lessons?


Why not "rangi ya pinki"? Is it optional?


it's correct, but unnecessary


Thanks, machieng!
I now see that if "rangi ya" (the color of) is omitted, you have to be careful to match the associative "-a" to the noun class. So:
"shati la pinki"
"mashati ya pinki"
"viatu vya pinki"
"kiti cha pinki"
"ukuta wa pinki" "kuta za pinki".

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