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  5. "Mtoto ana shati la pinki"

"Mtoto ana shati la pinki"

Translation:A child has a pink shirt

August 8, 2018



Why not "rangi ya pinki"? Is it optional?


it's correct, but unnecessary


Thanks, machieng!
I now see that if "rangi ya" (the color of) is omitted, you have to be careful to match the associative "-a" to the noun class. So:
"shati la pinki"
"mashati ya pinki"
"viatu vya pinki"
"kiti cha pinki"
"ukuta wa pinki" "kuta za pinki".


I'm noticing that in these lessons, only the colors white, black and red modify without the article. All the other colors use the -a article between the noun and the color. Is that a rule or just a coincidence in these lessons?

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