"Hledáme automobil, jenž tady včera stál."

Translation:We are looking for the car that was standing here yesterday.

August 8, 2018

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Cars don't stand in English. They generally are parked!


"Parked" is among the acceptable translations.


we are looking for the "automobile" that was standing here yesterday


Added, but ... Please use "My answer should have been accepted" and when discussing here tell us that what you are writing is actually a missing translation or something that was rejected. Do not just throw a sentence on us without any comment.


I'm sorry and thanks, i did not know if i wrote something wrong, and so i wrote the whole sentence.


Is it wrong to use the simple present for look and the simple past for stand? I reckon it sounds odd, but I don't know about the correctness.


You have good instincts!

"We LOOK for the car that WAS STANDING here yesterday" does sound weird, because "we look" is better used, for example, with repeated actions -- "We look for books at Shop A instead of Shop B because they have a better selection" / "That cat looks for mice every time it goes outside" / "We look for furniture that is on sale because we don't want to spend a lot of money."

On the other hand, ""We ARE LOOKING for the car that STOOD here yesterday" would be fine in English.

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