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"Yo necesito tomar el autobús en la mañana."

Translation:I need to take the bus in the morning.

2 months ago


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How to know if this is saying: i need to take the bus in the morning or i need to take the bus tomorrow?

1 month ago


I tried 'tomorrow' and it is wrong.

1 month ago


la mañana = morning

mañana = tomorrow

mañana por la mañana = tomorrow morning

1 month ago


I said "i need to get the bus in the morning". And it wasn't accepted. Isn't tomar "to take" or "to get"?

1 day ago


This is an example where even though you can know what words something directly translates to you must also understand the contextual situation in which it is used. One usually 'takes' a bus (as in rides a bus to somewhere). Tomo un taxi = I take a taxi.

'get the bus' sounds like you are borrowing it, buying it, or obtaining it for a trip or something. For that meaning I'd go with 'Necesito obtener el autobús' = I need to get/obtain the bus.

23 hours ago