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"Tu větu asi překládal nějaký cizinec."

Translation:Some foreigner probably translated that sentence.

August 9, 2018



Why is my answer 'Probably a foreigner translated the sentence' wrong? Word order?

BTW shouldn't the proposed solution 'A alien probably ...' be 'An alien ...'?


Your sentence looks correct to me and it should be "an alien" indeed. I'll correct it.


The "alien" is not a very good fit for this sentence anyway (likely my fault).


what is wrong with this answer" the sentence was probably translated by some foreigner"?


active vs. passive


The expression "some foreigner" has a somewhat negative meaning compared to "a foreigner". Is the same true for "nějaký cizinec"?


"That sentence probably translated some foreigner." - what is wrong with this sentence?


It means that the sentence translated the foreigner.


Can be? : "some foreinger may translated the sentence."


no, it must be maybe


I'm a little surprised by the use of imperfective here. Shouldn't "Some foreigner was probably translating that sentence" be the preferred translation?


this is a direct copy of my sentence: that sentence is probably translated by some foreigner. Should it has been ...was probably.. to make it correct, or whats wrong?


Firstly, you changed an active sentence to a passive sentence. Secondly, yes, you also used the present tense and it should be the past tense.


Ok, thanks. Vladimir, would you please describe to me what this lesson is about? I don't really get what 'aspect' means in this context.. I kind of recognize some kind of expansion in many of these words that we are learning, but what causes them to change? E.g. říct and říkat.. Thank you really much for always anwering our question, youre really good!


The aspect is actually quite a difficult topic and there is no single rule how to determine which verb is perfective and which is imperfective and so it is usually indicated for each verb in a dictionary.

I could really only repeat what you can read in the tips and notes. In the past tense the perfective aspect means that some piece of action was done and finished. The imperfective means that some continuous action was going on.

řekl - he said
říkal - he was saying

přeložil - he translated (the whole book, the whole chapter, 5 pages,...)
překládal - he was translating (and maybe he finished it, maybe not)


Ok thanks, so it’s the perfective and Imperfective forms, and it’s about whether it’s a completed action or ongoing action..

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