"Aamir will go to Delhi after two months."

Translation:आमिर दो महीने बाद दिल्ली जायेगा।

August 9, 2018



Why is it बाद and not के बाद ?

October 17, 2018


i'd rather say 'ke bad' ( this is how I had been taught, but slthe simpler the better)

August 10, 2018


Is it OK to "mahina" when expressed with the "do" rather than the plural "mahine"?

August 9, 2018


It's not the plural "mahine" here, it's the oblique-case "mahine"! :o This means that the word is actually in the singular oblique case!! Why this is so is a mystery to me, though I've observed this to be 100% correct, as well as sometimes people using the (logically expected) plural oblique form. I don't know if I am missing something qualitatively different in those situations or if they are simply variations in peoples' speech. Someone please enlighten!

August 10, 2018



August 9, 2018


Apparently it is correct to say 'do mehinon ke bad' and 'do mehinon bad' but people in general parlance just keep it 'do mehine ke bad' or 'do mehine bad'

December 3, 2018


Why is it two-months-after, NOT after-two-months? What kind of word (or part of speech) is, "बाद", that it follows the topic word(s)?

February 15, 2019
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