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I am really looking forward to having new bonus skills as soon as possible so just in case Duolingo team wants suggestions on that I would be glad to help!

1) Shape

It would be great to have it because sometimes when I want to say 'triangular' I have no clue how to say it properly. (square, circle, triangle, circular, square, triangular)

2)Common signs.

I believe that it is an important part when learning a language and visiting the country where it is spoken to know the signs. This bonus skill could contain words like : Open, Closed, Entrance, Exit, Push, Pull, Restroom, Men, Women, Forbidden, Baggage reclaim (for the signs in the airport), Customs, Use other door, No Enter, WET FLOOR, employees only, please use another door.

It could look something like this:

  1. Weather

I believe that it would be a really nice addition to the web site to create a bonus skill called 'Weather'. I know that there are some words in 'Nature' section but I found that there a lot of useful words missing. There could all the basic word connected with the topic. It could look something like this :)

  1. Emergency. (Phrases like: Help, He is chocking and so on(

  2. Directions ('How to get there?' Where to get that'? 'What train should I take?' 'Where do I bus tickets ?' and so on.

  3. Places. (Pharmacy, market, store, and so on)

  4. Common signs (Open, close, don't touch, Attention, No diving and so on)

  5. Currencies ( We have countries but no currencies , the most common could be added)

  6. Airport related (Baggage reclaim, flight)

  7. Police phrases. (phrases like : 'was stolen, bag, purse and so on')

  8. Restaurant I have always wanted to know how to say. Keep the change. Raw/well-done (about the meat). What is your recomendation. I would like to order ... and other phrases which would be helpful. I know there may not be so many of them but that is why it is great for Bonus skill :) Here is the picture :


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May 2, 2014



Great idea. Lessons like this would also increase the income of people wanting to learn 'Holiday German' too, because at the moment those who want to know only the important phrases can't rely on duolingo.


Why does everyone think that every new skill must be a bonus skill. It could just also be added to the normal skill trees.....


Thank you! A lot of the skills suggested here should be required, I think, not just bonus skills.


Absolutely. We could do with lots of bonus Lesspns to spend our Lingots on. So I've sent you a Lingot pending this happening. HOWEVER We don't want to see the Tree getting too cluttered, so perhaps just a 'more button) in the bonus box taking you to a seperate List that you can pick and choose at random, would solve this.


I think "legal" might be a better name than "police phrases". :)

Reminds me of a Saturday Night Live skit where they did a commercial parody for Rosetta Stone Thai and showed a guy whose face was blurred out and voice was changed saying "I learned useful phrases like 'Where is the American embassy?'!" xD


Not a bad idea. It would also be nice to see a "Languages" category, possibly. All they teach you is the language that you're learning in that language and English. If you're not learning it from English, you won't know how to say your own language. i. e. In Spanish there could be "Yo hablo inglés, pero no hablo alemán" or something like that. After all, this is a multi-language site.


In the English -> French course you also learn other languages like "allemand", "chinois" or "japonais". I don't know in which lesson but it is included.


I think swear/rude words should be a bonus skill, keeps it out of the way for people who don't want it but it's something fun to learn. I was talking to a Spanish girl called fanni while i was visiting and couldn't explain what her name meant! Also learning their little rhyme after saying cheers was always enjoyed by the younger locals


I am in total agreement! not that duolingo is doing anything wrong, but I would LOVE some more "survival phrases" if you will; essentials for surviving in a totally spanish environment


Cool:-) Just wanna add a lil' bit, how about slang as bonus skill?:-)


What if I get arrested in a foreign country? It would be nice to say: Can I know why I'm being arrested? And not just because it may happen but it would enrich the vocabulary too.


I think anyone who has progressed halfway down a tree would be able to say that. Or at least something like "Why are you holding me? May I leave? May I call a lawyer?".


I want to learn dr. who, star trek, and star wars stuff in spanish


I think watching the shows and movies dubbed in Spanish would be a better way to do that. Anyone have a good link to share?


how can i execute those Bonus skills Lingots?


i think these are great ideas! they could be really helpful. i'm looking forward to seeing some new bonus skills


Good Concept. I would be more interested in this than the current bonus offerings or the Holiday ones offered in December.


Buenas ideas- espero que se hagan realidad

Dos lingots para ti


All of them are pretty good ideas, but I really like the shape one.


I would love to see a bonus skill that deals primarily with verb conjugations.That is the part I always forgot(although I am a new learner!)


'Jokes' would make a good bonus skill, but picking ones that translate may be difficult. Not sure that 'Comment sent-il? Affreux' quite works. Avoiding puns should make it easier: 'pourquoi la poule a-t-elle traversé la rue ?' and so on.

[deactivated user]

    I don't think these should be bonus skills, I think these should be default skills.


    what about having a lesson to teach you the difference between formal and casual language for Spanish learners. Teaching them who you say what form of the word to and if age affects the form of the word you use.

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