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  5. "I love my wife."

"I love my wife."

Translation:Miluji svou ženu.

August 9, 2018



The translation is given as I love my wife. My translation of 'Miluji svou zenu' would be 'I love your wife' because I thought svou meant his, her or it. could someone explain my error?


svůj always refers to the subject of the sentence

I love my wife - Miluji svou ženu

You love your wife - Miluješ svou ženu

He loves his wife - Miluje svou ženu

We love our wives - Milujeme své ženy

You live your wives - Milujete své ženy

They love their wives - Milují své ženy

I love your wife - Miluji tvou ženu

You love my wife - Miluješ mou ženu


thank you for the detailed explanation. I will take some time and try and get my head around this.


Could someone please explain the difference between miluji and miluju? Both forms are acceped, but there must be some subtlety here, right? Would be much appreciated.


Miluji is quite formal and we can say it is somewhat bookish or old-fashioned but still regularly used in written Czech.


What is wrong with: Manželku miluji?


It is OK but might be missing. You can report it.

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