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  5. "A melhor defesa é o ataque."

"A melhor defesa é o ataque."

Translation:The best defense is a good offense.

March 29, 2013



I do feel that a literal translation should be accepted here as well.


It was accepted Jan23-2015


it is not accepted ( anymore) May 2019


"The best defense is offense" was just accepted for me (Nov 3rd 2021)


I suppose, but I would suggest learning this expression as it's widely used.


BUT I want to learn the Portuguese expression. Seeing it in English (without the word good) helps me to remember it. (Me Anglophone!).


We would say "the best form of defence is attack" has anyone typed this in or agree?


I know it as "The best means of defence is attack". I put that - not accepted , of course!


Who do you mean by "we"? In English, "defense" as a term for a "form of defense" or "defensive strategy" is common, and so for this basic exercise, not really worth putting into the DL database, I think. The other part, "attack" as here literally "the attack" also is not uncommon in English usage, although the idiomatic expression uses "a good offense. " In general, you could vary it like you are suggesting, but "to attack" with the infinitive has slightly less zealous sound, slightly more grammatical, and "attacking" as a noun, which sounds more intellectual.


That's only an idiom in the USA, not UK


I think this would fit better in the idioms lesson along with bateu as botas, pisar na bola and the rest, just so you're learning it as an idiomatic expression and not thinking to literal. Just a suggestion.


"the best defense is the offense (or attack)" - should be accepted as well!!


The word ataque is translated as attack! Dont undestand why the answer then uses ' a good offense???


Because in the United States the idiom is: The best defense is a good offense. We do not say attack therefore you do not use the literal translation.


Is "good" necessary? And could attack be used instead of offense


as far as idioms go this could be translated, "fight fire with fire"

[deactivated user]

    Are you sure?

    • The best form of defence is attack, means to strike before you enemy strikes you, or to attack an opponents weaknesses before your can be challenged on yours.

    • Fight fire with fire is to use the same tactics as an adversary.

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