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  5. "Koho respektuješ ty?"

"Koho respektuješ ty?"

Translation:Whom do you respect?

August 9, 2018



I think it should sound in impatient way(i dont know how in czech,but in russian respect,as a verb,more like obey in english.for more friendly situation(regard hero or old person) u use " uvajaeš "?


Yes, this may sound like complaining that someone does not respect anyone.


without "ty" does meaning of this sentence remain same?


Almost. Without the "ty" it is neutral. With the "ty" we are pointing at you. Maybe other people said whom do they respect but now it is the time you said whom do YOU respect.


Is it worth noting that whom doesn't get used so much in spoken English? Think the tendency nowadays is to use who regardless of whether it's the Subject or the Object of a sentence.


Mark219887 is right, and it is a shame we have gotten so sloppy with our language. I had wonderful language arts training in Catholic school many years ago, and I know better, but I still might say "Who did you give it to?" Following a "to" it needs to be "whom".

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In this case, is koho the accusative of kdo? Thanks

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