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  5. "यह कौनसा जानवर है?"

"यह कौनसा जानवर है?"

Translation:Which animal is this?

August 9, 2018



How do you know the gender? Feminine and masculine have different words to put in place, but without the gender, how do you solve it? This sentence hides the gender from us.


'जानवर' itself is a masculine noun. So, it should be कौनसा.


In this sentence there is no such indication. Examples : mera - man , meri - woman konsa - man, konsi - woman Without knowing the gender, how do we know which word is correct?


जानवर janvar جانور is a persian loanword


I'm curious, how would I translate "which of these is an animal?"


If talking about objects :इन में से क्या एक जानवर है... If talking about people (comparing their nature as wild / coarse as an animal) इन में से कौन जानवर है


"Which" is fine as a literal translation, but at least to my American ears sounds quite odd. "What" sounds much more natural.


In English "which" is an inquiry for a limited set of choices, while "what" is used when the choices are not limited. If I have two cards-- one red, one green-- and I'm giving you a color blindness test. I would display one card and ask WHICH color is this? If I was in a paint store and I wanted the clerk to match the color of my walls, I could show him or her a card and ask "WHAT color is this?"


It's a black cow


Vinay can you tell me how to identify masculine and feminine?


Unfortunately, there is no way to identify if a word is masculine or feminine just by looking at it. You just get the hang of it as you become more familiar with the word through exposure to the language.

That said, you can keep certain thumb rules in mind - words ending in ा are generally masculine, words ending in ी are generally feminine, collective nouns are often masculine, abstract nouns are often feminine, words denoting strength and power are generally masculine, those denoting beauty and grace are generally feminine etc.

However, gender is informed as much by etymology and historical usage as by these factors so these thumb rules are not foolproof. For example, both चिड़िया and पक्षी mean 'bird' but चिड़िया is feminine and पक्षी is masculine though their endings lead us to believe otherwise.


Ah, a lot like French I see. Do you know any way I can practice?


What type of animal is this?


That would be more along the lines of यह कैसा जानवर है?

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