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  5. "这次的考试我考得不好。"


Translation:I did not do well on the exam this time.

August 9, 2018



This whole lesson is a mess in terms of accepting multiple correct answers,


Report any correct answer it did not accept. They do get round to adding them eventually.


I report each one. And after 6 months maybe 10% are addressed. There are many basic corrections that have been reported multiple times that are not corrected after 6-8 months. They clearly do not have the staffing to respond to the quantity fo reports.


I'd happily help with the course, but I have no idea where to apply. It's incredibly frustrating. I can't believe some of these errors have made it past the beta phase.


Sure, there are sentences with dozens of comments and the correct answers aren't accepted after several months of reminding them to do that... Irritating


@DaRUfQ the thing is that people are supposed to use the flag button and not post their correct answers in this comment section.


I always do both. Given months and even over a year go by without corrections it is important for others to see the issues in the comment section also. If corrections were being made within a couple of weeks that would not be important.


I agree with ChstlesE780046, I do get intermittent emails saying my reported translations are now accepted, usually long after I have forgotten all about it, so this is the best way of improving the course and helping other learners.


"I did not do well on this exam." This should be correct shouldn't it?


That is an acceptable answer to me (English speaker). I believe they want 'this time' because the sentence started with 这次, which means 'this time'.


Yes, and also because had they wanted "this exam" it'd be more accurately 这个考试 or any equivalents.


"I did not do well on the test this time" should be accepted. Aren't test and exam equivalent?


Is it American to say "ON the exam"?

In Australia we always say 'in the exam'.

'I did not do well IN the exam'.

I'm not sure what they say in the UK.


I hear 'on the exam' more than 'in the exam' here in the US


In another sentence of this module I was marked wrong for using 'exam' (even though that's what the hint said.) This time I was marked wrong for using 'test'. 啊呀!


same thing happened to me. I wrote "test" instead of "exam." Aren't they equivalent?


"I did not do well on this test"?


'test' is an acceptable substitute for 'exam'. However, see the answers to PZNSeXQZ at the top of the discussion. They explain why 'this time' is what should be in the answer.


It seems that nothing is done to improve this course... Unbelievable..


They have been updating the answers. It takes time. I bet they get thousands of reported answers, for the various courses, every day.


It does take time, but this is excessive. All they need to do is review the suggested answers that the community has submitted. Often it can take them a year to process it.


What does 我考得 mean ?


我 - I
考得 - tested (得 shows how he tested)
不好 - not well


I did not test well this time


What is wrong with I didn't do well on my test this time?


"I did not do well on this test" should be acceptable...


.... This time on the exam. Is as good Birdie ❤❤❤❤!

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