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  5. "The child eats bread."

"The child eats bread."

अनुवाद:बच्चा ब्रेड खाता है।

May 2, 2014

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Child means बच्चा और बच्ची दोनों होते है


You are right and had you tried बच्ची instead, that would have worked.

In fact, all of these forms for बच्ची would have worked:

  • बच्ची ब्रेड खाती है।

  • बच्ची रोटी खाती है।

  • बच्ची डबलरोटी खाती है।


बच्चा ब्रेड खाता है। इसे google hindi में - baccha bred khaata hai . लिखते है।


I am not able to type bread in hindi


"Bread" का अर्थ रोटी भी होता है। "ब्रेड" लिखने के लिए ब के बाद हलंत लगाएँ, फिर र और ए की मात्रा जोड़ें, अथवा गूगल हिंदी इनपुट का उपयोग करें।


how to write child in hindi


First type च, then add a halant to it - ् , then type चा. बच्चा = ब + च + ् + च + ा.

If you use Google Hindi Input, type 'bachcha', the transliteration will convert it to बच्चा.


How a child refers only female it means both male and female how could we recognize


Yes, it could refer to both a male and a female. But in English, there is no distinction between a 'male child' and a 'female child' like you have in Hindi, that is 'बच्चा' for a male and 'बच्ची' for a female. Generally, you would know whether you are talking about a boy or a girl, depending on the situation. If not, it can mean either a boy or a girl. There's no definite way to identify.


The child eatsb read


You have a typing mistake there. The correct answer is "The child eats bread".


What is the hindi meaning of child????


The Hindi word for child is "बच्चा" or "बच्ची". You can check out the translation for a word by hovering over it, like this:



The child eats bread

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