"We drink tea."

Translation:Noi beviamo il tè.

March 29, 2013

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Should the question not say "the tea" then?


Agreed. Either the question needs to change or a lack of the "il" article is okay.


Italian uses articles more often than English. Seldom English works better without one where it is mandatory in Italian


Does anyone know how to put the punctuation over the e on a phone?


Hold down the e key instead of just pressing it... I get a menu of different e's and then I just drag over to the one I need. (Samsung)


You can use touchpal apps, easy to use


Why is "Noi beviamo un tè" wrong?


Because "noi beviamo un tè" is " we drink A tea" versus "noi beviamo il tè" is "we drink THE tea" or "we drink tea". Noi beviamo tè is also accetable and probably more common than puting the il and la in front of every noun. Only put il and la when necessary, ex: "La ragazza è dolce" you cant say "ragazza è dolce" thats saying "girl is sweet" so it wouldnt make sense but saying "noi beviamo tè" or "noi beviamo il tè" is okay because both sentences make sense either way. Im learning italian too so idk if everything I said it on point but for the most part this is how im interperting it to be. Hoped I helped out.. ciao bella :)


I'm curious to know why 'noi beviamo' is preferred to simply 'beviamo'. Would the latter come across as closer to slang/very informal? Are there only certain verbs were dropping the 'I, us, you, them' is appropriate?


I second this question. Without thinking I treated this line Spanish and left out the 'Noi'. It was marked correct, however I would like to know the standard.


It's preference. Some use it, and some don't. It may be more prevalent one way or the other depending on where you go, but as far as I know, formality is not involved. However if you're using 3rd person singular, leaving off lui or lei could make the subject unclear


How do you know which way the accent goes? Besides memorizing, is there any logic to it?


How do you know whether the accent is "è" or "é"?

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