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For Fun: Devanagari Tattoos

kyaa haal-haal hai saaron kaa?

Now that we here all know Devanagari script, we can have some fun reading the awful Devanagari tattoos people get! Let's start with David Beckham's VHIKTORIYA tattoo. Hey, it's more "meaningful" because it's written in Devanagari, right?


Post your own funny examples!

August 10, 2018



Vhi... this first latter is more looking like khi. No? How 'khi' woulf look?


khi: क्हि or खि (I don't know if those are different, or if the first one is even used, but the first is what you'd get from क् + ही)

vhi: व्हि

When combining consonants, there are exceptions, but usually:

If the first consonant contains a vertical line with nothing to the right of it (like व or स), the vertical line is removed, and the remainder is joined with the next consonant.

If the consonant contains a hook on its right side (like क or फ), the hook is shortened and joined to the next consonant.

Here is a table of the two-consonant conjuncts:


You can also just type the first consonant, followed by a virama (्), followed by the second consonant, and they'll automatically combine (if possible). For example,

व+्+ह = व्ह

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