"Sir, do you drink wine?"

Translation:Señor, ¿usted bebe vino?

3 months ago



"Senor, bebe vino usted? " <-- was marked wrong. I thought the subject/verb word order was flexible in Spanish. I assume my answer is wrong, but wanted confirmation, since Duo has been wrong before. Thanks!

2 months ago


I think it is OK. Did you report it? I get many acceptance emails from DL when I report situations like yours.

2 months ago


Senor bebes vino- Why not? do you drink wine?

3 months ago

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When you address someone as "sir" or "ma'am," you are indicating that your relationship with them is formal. Your sentence will continue to reflect that relationship by using the formal "you" (usted).
You could use ¿bebes vino?" with someone you're on a first-name basis with, a friend, someone your age, etc.

3 months ago

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Marcy is correct about the formal 'bebe' of course but this addresses your actual question which seems to be about dropping 'usted' - it does clarify that the question is addressed to the Señor, since bebe could mean Sir, does he (or she) drink wine? The usted removes the ambiguity. Of course, in real conversation, the meaning would ne obvious in context.

2 months ago
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