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  5. Kiel oni diras "go potty!"


Kiel oni diras "go potty!"

I'd love to talk to my dog in Esperanto. How would one say "go potty!" in Esperanto? Thanks!

August 10, 2018



Warning before you read this comment. I don't actually answer the question.

I often like to encourage people who ask questions along the lines of "how do you say X" - assuming that they've already checked a good dictionary or two - to imagine how they would react if they were talking to someone in English who asked what X means.

So - what does "go potty" mean?

  • It's daddy-talk for "go to the bathroom" even when there's no bathroom because you're a dog.
  • It means to pee or poop.
  • Its a way of talking about bodily functions without being too specific, because dogs are easily embarrassed by that sort of thing.

So, with these answers in mind (or others which you can come up with on your own), perhaps some solutions will present themselves.


Thanks, Salivanto. I did check elsewhere before posting but couldn't find a translation.

My gut tells me that "go potty" is a phrase that does not translate literally in any language, but I was hoping it has an analogous colloquialism in Esperanto. I think close expressions are "fais pipi" in French and "haz pipí" in Spanish, but those are both a little too specific.

Perhaps "(vi) faru ĝin" or "(vi) faru tion" would be good commands, if Esperanto doesn't have a familiar phrase already for the command.


Esperanto was our home language when the kids were small, and we would say "lasta ŝanco pisi" just before bedtime. Even my mother-in-law knew what that meant.


Does your dog understand Esperanato.


Jen ankaŭ mia demando.


No. I just thought it would be a fun thing to try to say to my dog. Thanks.


Kelkaj hundoj komprenas Esperanton. La sekreto estas anime uzi ĝin.

Kaj al via demando, "ĉu vi volas iri eksteren"?


Ĉu ni efektive renkontiĝis?


I've had enough trouble getting my kids to sit on the potty, let alone a dog...


Why would you want your kids to sit on a dog?


Good question :P

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