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Well, 30 days Hungarian streak completed yesterday

When I first took on the quest to learn Hungarian a months 1/2 ago. I was just memorizing about 20 - 50 words a weak depending on the topic of choice. I was doing very we all the way up until I decided to get into verbs then my world drastically slowed down. I had no idea that 1 word could have 55 conjugations - that ridiculous.

Enter Duolingo into my life. I have been obsessed with this application and making 5 out 7 lessons into gold icons (should be completed in 2 days). About a weak ago I took up reading a "Szeretek Olvasni" children's book. I also listen to Hungarian music on my Spotify phone app. Youtube has been by best friend before I go to sleep or sitting in traffic - listening to kids stories and alphabet songs.

I try to speak "out-loud" at least once a weak so my mindset is when I'm not at work I'm totally immersed in the language. I tried to start Spanish about a weak ago but my brain is tied to this language and it would take too much reprogramming to get the hang of learning multiple languages at a time, especially a language as difficult as Hungarian to an English native. My tongue gets tongue tied when trying to sing those nursery rhymes. It's getting there.

My method of learning DL is to only work on 2 courses at a time - knowing that it can be very monotonous at times. I do practice session about 3 times a day, testing myself on how fast I could complete each practice ( about 5 or 6 minutes or less each). If I have to translate an English to Hungarian I will say it out-loud before typing or hide the multiple choice answers then say out-loud.

I wish there were other Apps available that I could mix in my lessons but haven't found any that has Hungarian. The others I've found is just going through your standard memorizing conversational lines but no reasons at to how or why (lessons). I thought about Rosetta Stone but not sure if its worth $$$$ yet. So if anyone has other apps or books they using please let me know. I would like to get my hands on some lesson books. I really question the Hungarian word order a lot so if anyone has other course work !!!

Thanks to the discussion group and forums in this system.

August 10, 2018



MagyarOK is really good - but best to have a teacher. Without one, and coming from English, try Peter Durst's Hungarian course. A lot of audio with it and all the instructions in english. I'd love a link to some of the audio you've found helpful. I had a subscription to HungarianPod101 for a long time - lots of downloadable lessons and audio as well as pdf notes. Though I think they are a little hamstrung by the 5 minute limit on lessons. It's more formal learning of course than the Duo game structure.

Anyway, well done and here are some lingots.

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    Great story, new learner here. The language is hard but i love the challenge and the journey on understanding this almost mathematical grammar. Even though their grammar doesn't make any sense, it feels like it makes a lot more sense than our own grammar. I'd like to suggest you looking up 'The Hungarian Project' by Chris. I love his style one understanding on how his language works. He does a video almost every day where he translates a Hungarian sentence to English. I would love to have the links to the material you use: the books and songs you listen to.


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