"Žofie se o zvláštní domy nezajímá."

Translation:Žofie is not interested in strange houses.

August 10, 2018

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But apparently interested in very weird sentence structure


Can anyone tell me why "Zofie is not interested in the strange houses" is incorrect?


I believe that, in the absence of a demonstrative meaning "the" in the Czech sentence, we are talking about "strange houses" in general, as opposed to some particular "strange houses."


My Czech wife translated a sentence including "the" into exactly the same Czech. I think if there's an implied comparison, in context, with some normal houses, this sentence could be translated to include "the" in english.


Czechs have notorious problems when using English aricles. I am one of them but certainly would not use "the here". I do not see a way how "zvláštní domy" would naturally mean some specific houses. You would need "ty zvláštní domy".

Af cours it compares zvláštní domy and normální domy (strange houses and normal houses). That does not make them some specific houses, though.


Could be?

"Zofie se nezajima o zvlastni domy"

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