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  5. "Is it a goose or a duck?"

"Is it a goose or a duck?"

Translation:Je to husa nebo kachna?

August 10, 2018



I answered "husa ale kachna" which was wrong, but the correction ("husa či kachna") doesn't agree with the dictionary hints ("husa nebo kachna"). So which is it — "či" or "nebo"?


Či and nebo are the same. Či is slightly archaic or bookish (but my grandmother used to use it when speaking quite normally).


Question. I wrote "To je husu nebo kachnu" and it was graded correct. The alternative correct version was "je to husa nebo kackna." I see my sentence was "accusative" case and the alternative option was "nominative" case. The only difference was "to je" vs "je to." Is that a rule? Is "to je" always accusative and je to always nominative? I thought they could be used interchangeably. Advice please. : )


Your answer is incorrect. It must be nominative: "To je husa nebo kachna."


Why was "Je to husa nebo kachna" not accepted when the program literally showed the right answer as "Je to husa nebo kachna"? I even took a screenshot of that


There is no report in the system for this, so we cannot tell you what Duo didn't like about your answer. However, it is entirely possible that you just ran into the system's intermittent grading bug.


Use "My answer should have been accepted". If you have a screenshot, you might as well show it.

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