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Account language has changed

My whole account is suddenly in German instead of English. His can I change this? Also all my progress in learning French is gone.

May 2, 2014



Did you start doing a reverse tree? You just need to reverse the process. Go to the flag on the header band at the top. Pick Add a new course, select English as your base language and add French/German/whatever for English speakers.


Change back to "learn French, I know English"

Here is how to change languages:https://www.duolingo.com/comment/1538954


Happened to me too, I wanted to see how learn english looked, but then my spanish lesson went away! I got it back by deleting my learn english. If you were't messing around with the languages (similar to what I did) then just do the previous steps then change your password for safety and so your account doesn't suddenly kaboom.

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