"Raj drinks."

Translation:राज पीता है।

August 10, 2018

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There is a change in the verb to drink here - seemingly because Raj is a male(??) that hasn't been explained or covered in any way. Last time it was a woman drinking it was piti, and now it's pita. Would help very much to have a lesson on this first, if I am guessing right?!


yes....for a female it is piti and for a male it is pita


For feminine sentences, verb will end with 'e' sound.for masculine sentences it ends with 'a' sound..


Mike have you read the tips and notes? As mentioned In basics 1 tips and notes "All Hindi nouns, verbs, and adjectives have a gender" and " As a rule of thumb, most words that end with an ah (आ) sound are masculine (पंखा pankhaa - fan, m.), while most words that end with an ee (ई) sound are feminine (नदी nadee -river, f.)".

This rule of thumb discussed there seems to work here where the infinitive "पीना peenaa (to drink)" is conjugated to pita. So based on that your guess may be correct.

If we want to think about this further we can compare your guess with the instructions from the tips and notes for basics 2, the skill that this lesson is in. First to obtain the verb root "one must simply remove the ना from the infinitive form" . Which gives us "पी pee" as the verb root. Next "a suffix is placed which gives information about the subject’s gender". There is a chart in the tips and notes which shows the 3rd person suffix for a male as ता taa. Combine that with the verb root and you have the word used here पी pee ता taa.


Yes , the verb changes . For male it is पीता and for female it is पीती .


Did i miss the part wherr it tells you what word id for reading and eating?


Mujha itne esay tense ata hai pls aap thoda 10 class k hisab s dijye




Me nhi pita hu bhai


I don't know anything

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