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"Kateřinu můžu poslouchat celý den."

Translation:I can listen to Kateřina all day.

August 10, 2018



In this case I consider “já” as enfasizing or stress on “I” (já)


Why is "I can listen all day to Kateřina" not acceptable. Is the meaning different in some way?


That word order is non-standard and it sounds very unnatural.


Still it is rather uncommon right? That Ja isn't first or last. Btw : I can listen to Katerina whole day long would be a correct translation, although I see what you could have against the non literal long part


Yes, it may be a little less common than "Já můžu...", but perfectly valid. Putting "já" last is more uncommon and in this sentence it would be very uncommon. As soon as I decide to begin with "Kateřinu" and want to include "já" for emphasis, that's the most likely place to put it - right after "Kateřinu".


What about I could listen to Katerina all day? That is more natural to me. since listening to someone all day is not really literally meant.


I can - můžu
I could - mohl bych

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