"You run."

Translation:तुम दौड़ते हो।

August 10, 2018



That's right. Like in English, we have - I/You RUN and He/She RUNS...Hindi differentiates in the gender as well...so when you say "You Run" to a guy, it's Tum Daudte ho; when you say that to a woman, it's Tum Daudti do

October 4, 2018


Why couldn't it be Tum Daudta ho? Also, is dauta masculine or feminine? I am still confused.

December 29, 2018


In multiple choice this answer was correct तुम दौड़ती हो।

September 6, 2018


Yes. I noticed this too. So if the subject is feminine, then ti is used?!

September 9, 2018


Why is is दौड़ते ?

August 10, 2018


तुम always translates with the े endings on verbs, even though it's singular.

August 11, 2018


Zeebo7 could you elaborate a little? Perhaps it's because I'm very tired, but I'm shocked and confused that I'm just now noticing this. I think my understanding of the you forms isn't solid yet. Is तुम always plural (as in talking to "you guys")? Is it an 'e ending because it's plural? (Sorry my phone won't let me make that character on its own.)

February 27, 2019


I guess what I'm saying is, would you ever use तुम when conversing with just one person?

February 27, 2019


Yes, you would use when talking to just one person, and not when talking to a group.

March 25, 2019
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