"हम आज सड़क पर खड़े हैं ।"

Translation:We are standing on the road today.

August 10, 2018

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Stop blocking traffic.


Duolingo should accept street instead of road and today as either the first or last word. Also 'in' as well as 'on'. Because 'in the street' is how we say it in American English.


Why is this translated as "we are standing" and not "we stand"?


Standing in Hindi is considered to be a state as opossed to a continuous action like in English. It's like the way we don't say "I am colding" in English, we just say "I am cold". Similarly we don't say मैं खड़ रहा हूँ in Hindi, we just say मैं खड़ा हूँ It's just the subtleties of the language that you have to memorize.


But that's a fact about Hindi rather than English. "We stand" in English might be a less common sentence than "We are standing" but one could say "We stand every day". So the question is, could हम (हर दिन) खडे हैं be a reasonable translation for English "We stand (every day")


It ought to be - WE STAND


Could this also mean we have become paupers... Or does that refer to " Hum aaj sadak par aa gaye hain"

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