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  5. "往前看!"


Translation:Look in front of you!

August 10, 2018



'Look ahead' not accepted - ridiculous!


Yeah, in english we would say look ahead 99/100 times.


Absolutely ridiculous!!! I have the same problem with this course... I believe that thousands of others who encounter the same... And yet the great "Team" doesn't move their arse. I don't think they even read the messages posted here..... It has been months if not over a year that many people post their grievences that are not answered.


That's because we are supposed to report them by clicking on the flag and not by posting a message in this discussion forum. I don't think they regularly check the forums of every sentence and word of this course.


Why do you think just because people post in the comments they are not reporting them also. I always do both since they do not respond to reports frequently for many months and commenting is the only way to share the issue with all of the other users for this extended period of time. Please do not stop sharing in the comment section until they manage to change the system to respond in a couple of weeks not six to ten months.


"Look straight ahead" should also be accepted.


Look ahead is so much better


How about "Look forward"?


I would hav preferred to translate it as "Look up front!" or "Look ahead!" but the word menu didn't hav those words, so i was forced to use the more awkward "Look to the front!"


We are many having the same problem and yet it is not fixed as yet..


Look straight ahead isnt accepted but should be


Even I put "Look to the front", it shows RED!LOL


I usually hear Chinese people say 看前面


前 : Does it mean "before" as in "Look before you/ahead of you "?

Or is it just "before" that is spatial/time-wise ?


In an earlier lesson we learned that 前面 means "in front".

他在我的前面 - He is in front of me.

In other uses, 前 mean can mean before, earlier, previous, etc. In this phrase it means ahead or in front.

往 (towards) 前 (the front)看!(look!)


What is the difference between look in front of you and look towards the front??

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