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  5. "SuQ naHmeyvetlh. tISopQo'!"

"SuQ naHmeyvetlh. tISopQo'!"

Translation:Those fruits are toxic. Don't eat them!

August 10, 2018



The given translation of SuQ naHmeyvetlh is Those fruits are toxic, and that's fine. But I entered That fruit is toxic, and was marked wrong, corrected to Those fruit are toxic. This is a bad English sentence. Furthermore, fruit may be pluralized either as a countable noun or as a mass noun.


Recalling the earlier sentence "Du'vamDaq naHmey nov DIyob", which was translated as "We harvest foreign fruits and vegetables on this farm", I translated this sentence using "Those fruits and vegetables are toxic. Don't eat them!" and this was marked as wrong. "fruits" or "vegetables" would be marked correct, but not "fruits and vegetables", apparently. I have reported this, but just wanted to provide some background.


Clipped in appropriate places:

QI'tu' lenglI'. maj, loDnI'.
QI'tu' lenglI'. maj loDnI'.
porghwIjvaD yabwIjvaD joq Sengbe'choHlu'.
Soj Sam 'ej ta' vIDa.
naH Hoch Sop 'ej DIr woH. maj, loDnI'. maj.

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