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  5. "roD chovoq."

"roD chovoq."

Translation:You regularly trust me.

August 10, 2018



What is the difference between motlh (translated as "usually") and roD (translated as "regularly / habitually")? I can see it in a context of, "I exercise regularly" needing "roD", but I can't work out how you would trust someone e.g. every Monday but not on other days of the week (notwithstanding drinking habits...)


My understanding is that motlh refers to something that happens a majority of the time, while roD refers to something that happens on a schedule or over and over again.

You can get the sense of roD chovoq if you build a little story around it. Every Monday you and I meet for training, and at the beginning of each session we do that exercise where one person falls and expects the other person to catch them. Today isn't Monday, and I ask you to do something that requires faith in me. I tell you, roD chovoq. DaH yIvoq je. You trust me regularly. Trust me now as well. It's not that you don't trust me the rest of the time. It's just that we are regularly in a place where you put your trust in me.


Aha, your imagination is better than mine! ;-)

I suppose I also get confused over the US English - when they say "regular" it can have either meaning, thus making the English version of that sentence rather ambiguous. Perhaps we should just adopt the Klingonese versions...


DIvI' Hol wIchoHnISbe'. tlhIngan Hol neH wIjatlhlaH!

[deactivated user]

    Would "normally" be a good translation of roD?


    roD has, I think, a sense of repetitions spaced by more or less equal periods, while motlh has a sense of the majority of time or instances. I would, like mizinamo, put normally in the latter sense.


    I think it would be a better translation for motlh.


    why is "regularly you trust me" not accepted?


    Because you would not phrase it that way in good English. You trust me regularly or You regularly trust me are the ways you'd say it.

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