Why is the third L1 lesson in Sports nothing to do with sport?

It's a useful lesson but in the wrong place... all about wine and children and subjunctive. Fortunately I did not try to skip the level.

3 months ago


Are you sure it is all about children and wine? I just did that and below are the examples I got before I failed the test out :P One mention of wine. I guess the doctors one is a bit iffy. but the rest are sports/exercise/team related, right?

Does she exercise? Los equipos Did you all watch the soccer game? There will be three more doctors in a week. The champion The most popular tournament She wants there to be less wine. Estoy en el estadio. There was an orange in the kitchen. Yesterday, another nine goals. ┬┐Usas tu propio equipo? His career is like yours.

3 months ago

Seemingly it gives different exercises to different people... not unexpected with some sort of random number generator. There are always odd ones : Medical has just given me 'this lemon tastes odd' and others. It was just that the majority in this case were nothing to do with sport!

3 months ago
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