"Is she your relative?"

Translation:क्या वह तुम्हारी रिश्तेदार है?

August 10, 2018



I'm afraid I did not notice until now, does the gender of रिश्तेदार change depending on whether the relative in question is actually male or female?

August 10, 2018


Namaste! It seems the sentence in Hindi is feminine because of the word तुम्हारी. Even, I think the noun रिश्तेदार has no feminine declension.


रिश्तेदार • (riśtedār) m

1) relative (a family member, normally of the extended family)

From Wiktionary:


August 10, 2018


Well, right, so रिश्तेदार is clearly feminine in this sentence. I was recently looking at a language that similarly does not change the form of the noun, but changes the gender of any adjective or pronoun that applies to the noun. I think it was Greek and such words as lawyer and teacher, but I may not be right about that.

August 11, 2018
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