"Noi sempre facciamo pollo con riso."

Translation:We always make chicken with rice.

March 29, 2013

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Is it not also correct to translate the sentence as "we still make..."?


Using sempre would be appropriate if still were synonymous with nonetheless, something like this: Uscite sempre insieme? Are you still going out together? or Sembra viziato, ma รจ sempre un bravo ragazzo. He seems spoiled, but he is still a good kid.


Why I can't say (cook) if that's what am I making?


Cause it isn't a litterally translation. "Facendo" from the verb "Fare" is making and "Cucinando" from the verb "Cucinare" is cooking.


How about a literal translation, something I would say easily and often: "I always do chicken with rice."


i wrote: "We make always chicken with rice" and it aid it was wrong!? is it really wrong? why?


Not wrong, really, just not the way it is said in English. We would put 'always' before the verb. "We always make chicken with rice." If you say it your way, 'we make always.' it sounds like you are making a dish of 'always chicken, with rice.' That is not a dish I have ever eaten :-}


Thank for expaining. I didn't know because I'm not an native English speaker. It makes duolingo a bit more difficult, but I can also do some English training.

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