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Visit India for a Month

If you were to visit India for a month, where would you go?

What would you follow?

What would you see?

How to eat without getting sick?

August 10, 2018



Gosh, I would love to go to India for a month! There are so many cool places there that it would be hard to narrow down. Since I am studying Hindi I would probably want to go to a region where Hindi was the main language. Something like the Golden Triangle of Delhi-Agra-Jaipur and see a bunch of temples and palaces. Definitely see the Taj Mahal!

As for not getting sick... that may be difficult to do since that is a common reaction to going to any different country. But I would try to be careful about what I drank (especially water) and ate - maybe stick with things like fruits with thick rinds, or food that is freshly cooked.

Interesting idea though.


I gave you a lingot got since you mentioned Golden Temple :-)


Shh, bhain ji! -- they didn't say Golden Temple, they said "Golden Triangle" :o

Will you give me a lingo if I say Harimandir Sahib... Darbar Sahib? Just kidding :) your friendship is worth more than lingots. Rabb Raakha!


You haven't told us yet where you would go / do, sis! What is your family's pind?

I will be going to meet some old friends in Ludhiana, Amritsar, Patiala, Chandigarh. I am actually wondering to see how much their lives have changed since smartphones have become common and Internet is more accessible.

I remember always having to go to "Internet cafe" for service. The network would always go down, and you'd be like "Hello?! nahin chalta..." and the guy would be like "do minṭ" ! "2 minutes" is a LONG time in Indian terms, haha.


Our family is from Sialkot (now in Pakistan).

I'd visit Golden Temple. I've only seen photos and YouTUBE Ardas, but I heard that visiting it is a life-changing experience.

I'd also like to visit Haveli Rangla Punjab in Jalandhar. It give a glimpse of Punjab of generations gone by.

I'd like to visit all the cities of Punjab, each and everyone.

Then I'd like to visit Dharamsala, each and every nook and cranny.

Of course I'd like to do Maharaja express tour.

And finish it off by visiting Chennai, and Maldives (the underwater hotel)


Cool - thanks!

Where would you go if you had a month in India? And if you have already been there, what were some cool things you saw and did?


Try the Golden Temple in Amritsar India. They even have hostel inside the complex for tourists.


Also (I'm being partial since our family is from Punjab region), visit Haveli Rangla Punjab in Jalahdhar, Punjab. It's a touristy restaurant/entertainment resort that shows Punjab generations ago.


Then there is Maharaja express, tailored more to Non-resident Indian tourists


If you are adventurous, you can visit Maldives underwater hotel



I have to go for work for a couple months coming up.

If it wasn't for work, I would go somewhere on the coast because I have never been to the sea coast of India! I would like to see Goa or some place around there, so long as I could stay away from hippie tourists :o :) because I think it would be interesting to see that different, Portuguese / ~Christian influenced culture for a change.

Getting sick is not something I would necessarily worry about. More of a concern for a traveller moving about (and not knowing a particular area) would be access to toilets. I'm not good at squatting, hehe.


Have been 5 times for 4 weeks each time in India so far and am planning for No 6. Where to go and what to see depends on your personal preferences. We like to travel on our own and geht close to the local people. Never - so far - had any problems with food although we eat mostly streetfood from those wonderful foodstalls everywhere. My favorite places so far? (no geographical order) Varanasi, Bundi, Hampi, Nashik, Mandu, Rishikesh, the streets of Old Delhi, the rat temple in Deshnoke, the Rock Garden in Chandigarh, Dalautabad Fort, traveling in night trains but also liked Bhopal and Auragabad and so much more... Next trip hopefully in November. Cannot wait :-)


Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh I will :-) Cannot wait to start again. Last time was 2 years ago so it's really time now. Looking forward to Varanasi (again), to the Marble Rocks in Jabalpur and to Mumbai (again) and then drifting down the Konkan Coast as long there is time left.


Call me weird but I have always wanted to experience monsoon season more than anything.

Well, I would naturally want to visit the tourist traps. But it seems there are vast distances to travel between them. Also Bandhavgarh National Park, I think there is another national park too but I cannot find the name. As well as this the Kerala waters and Caves of Ajanta.

A fair few of my partner's friends have invited us to stay with them so we would love to get to know the culture and get to first-hand experience the culture in many parts of the country. They all swear I need to know no Hindi to get by.

Is the food spicy, bring it on, I will probably live to regret this. In seriousness, I will need to be careful and feel sure of the food preparation and stay hydrated.


KerryOwston ... I gave a lingot for the caves of Ajanta alone! I've lived here for nine months and that's one of two places I really want to go (the other being Amritsar). Sadly, I've only been in Bangalore, Delhi, Goa, and Mysore (for a day) so far.


If I'm not mistaken, the more South you go, more spicier the food (I'm sure someone will chime in!)


You are mistaken, but yes, I will chime in :D

Probably the "spiciest" food from a pure heat standpoint is in the middle of the country in Hyderabad and Andhra Pradesh in general, although some of the northern food can be really spicy as well. However, as with most things Indian, everything changes every couple of hundred kilometers. So you have pockets all over, just like the languages, religion, culture in general, etc.

And regardless of how "hot" the food is from a spice standpoint, so many different spices go into each dish that that they are all much more flavorful than a typical European/US dish. My wife and I did a cooking class and the "simple" biryani used about 25 or 30 spices!


I would visit my long lost family with whom i've never met. I'd love to learn everything I can about my family's culture, and bring it back with me. I love indian food, and having freshly made paratha, or palak paneer would make me so happy. I've never gotten sick from indian food so im not sure why that was included.


Depends on where you eat the food. Foreigner may not be immune to everyday street food (which is the bedrock of Indian cuisine!)


I'd love to visit the Himalayas. South India is really nice.

I'd look for regional artwork. The temples have amazing architecture.

Make sure to always buy bottled water, and make sure the bottle is still sealed. Be careful when buying food from street vendors (don't buy anything that hasn't been cooked, especially if you think uncooked water was added to it). Pani puris are an example: a great street food, but safer for foreigners when eaten in an restaurant. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jO4Jrnpi9cg


Lingot for Himalayas and Pani Puri


Two years ago I went for five months, and went ALL OVER India, like 30 different places, visiting each place for a few days to a week, mostly. Just a taste. While I wouldn't do that much moving around again, there are some places that are calling for my return: Rishikesh, Amritsar, Jaisalmer, Alappuzha. But next time I'd spend a month in the same place just to dig deep.

How to eat without getting sick? I think you just have to count on getting sick at least once, no matter how careful you are (and besides who can resist golgappas?). During those 5 months I only got a stomach thing once, but it was my third time there. No matter how careful मौं अमेरिको हूं, लेकिन मेरा दिल भारतीय है

BTW, if you haven't visited the site india mike, it can be very helpful. Most of all, keep calm and curry on!^)


Visited for 5 months? Wow! Lingot for you!

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