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  5. "muvuvbe' vIghro'wIj."

"muvuvbe' vIghro'wIj."

Translation:My cat doesn't respect me.

August 11, 2018



vuvghach bajlu'

Respect is something you earn. Is there a better way to say that? Is it grammatical?


Hmm.....I am not sure that you can say vuvghach; I think you can only use the suffix ghach if another suffix appears.

Subject to being corrected by the experts, I might consider Davuvlu' DaneHchugh, 'e' DaqotlhnIS ("If you want to be respected, you must deserve it.") Perhaps the 'e' can be dropped.


Certainly not sure about that 'e' there. Does the sentence work for you if you do the traditional construct and replace the {'e'} with a {vaj}?


Using 'e' to refer to a conditional clause is incorrect, and shows the translator thinking in English. Using vaj or, better yet, omitting it altogether works.


I forgot that rule about ghach. Hmmm. Foiled again. I know what lesson I need to redo next.

I like the alternative. I hope somebody answers about the 'e'.

So how about vuvtaHghach bajlu' ? Is that grammatical?

Maybe vuvtaHghach bajnIS Hoch ? I want to keep it succinct like the English version if possible.


vuvtaHghach means ongoing respect. This would be appropriate if just the abstract idea of having respect were not enough, but in Respect must be earned, you're not really talking about an actual, continual state of respect.

vuvtaHghach bajlu' is grammatical, and it means One earns ongoing respect. It describes someone unspecified actually earning ongoing respect. Don't confuse it with English Respect is earned, though, which is describing a hypothetical, not an actual event.

Others have pointed out proverbs from The Klingon Way that are similar, and I agree that they should be emulated.

yInlu'taH 'e' bajnISlu'.
Survival must be earned.

yay chavlu' 'e' bajnISlu'.
Victory must be earned.

However, these examples contain apparently incorrect grammar. According to the rules we are given, these should be yInlu'taH net bajnIS and yay chavlu' net bajnIS. We don't know whether this was an intentional deviation on Okrand's part or an error.

(I think it was an error. I think he's made that error several times, to the point that he now does it on purpose, and points it out, to cover for the fact that it's an error. Respect may be earned, but poor net never gets any.)

So probably the best way to say Respect is earned would be vuvlu' net bajnIS One needs to earn that one respects [one].


TKW has a couple of "-must be earned" sayings:

Survival must be earned. {yInlu'taH 'e' bajnISlu'.}
Victory must be earned. {yay chavlu' 'e' bajnISlu'.}

So using those as a basis would be a good start.

vuvtaHghach bajlu'

This probably needs the -nIS, as that can be interpreted in other ways too. But the {vuvtaHghach} works as an ongoing case of respect. That and iirc the Nominalize skill has used vuv a few times though mostly for "self respect" and "mutual respect".


I don't understand the grammar of yInlu'taH 'e' bajnIslu'. Specifically I don't understand how the yInlu'taH is working there. Does it mean "to be surviving, that is needed to be earned" So is vuvlu' 'e' bajnIslu' ok? Why is the taH needed? It doesn't need to be a continual state of surviving or being respected or does it?


A somewhat stilted interpretation of {yInlu'taH 'e' bajnISlu'.} could be something like "one needs to earn that one continues to live.

I'd have to defer to one better than I to weigh in on vuv, as that requires someone else to be doing it to you.

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