"तुम कब आओगे ?"

Translation:When will you come?

August 11, 2018

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I said when are you going to come. I think my answer is correct as well


It is. Report it.


How can we found this ?


The spelling of "will come" looks as though it should be pronounced "ourgo" (o as in hot) instead of "ourgay". Is this correct? (Edited) After seeing some more similar examples, I wondered if the backwards sloping line, which would normally be put above a letter so that it is pronounced e.g. ge instead of ga, is for some reason not put above g (i.e. the short vertical line with a short hook at bottom left) and instead is put above a full vertical line after the g (that would then, after most letters, be pronounced "o" as in hot, or possibly "or"). Is this correct?


आ ā ओ o गे gē ग ga गे gē If you pronounce ā and o after eachother it kinda sounds like the ou in house or owl. Then add gē, and you have owgay.

Not a native speaker, just my thoughts. Hope that helps


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