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"मेरे पिता के भाई मेरे चाचा हैं।"

Translation:My father's brother is my uncle.

August 11, 2018



'My dad's brother is my uncle' should also work as a translation


Just a little fun fact for people: चाचा is actually only your dad's younger brother! In Hindi there are separate words for dad's older brother, dad's younger brother, mom's younger brother, and mom's older brother. So just be careful who you call your chacha.


What is the Hindi word for father's older brother then?


ताऊ (or its alternate pronunciation ताया)


My dad’s brother is also correct Basic English guys !


Why is it के भाई and not क| भाई?


I believe it's because older relatives are often addressed respectfully using a plural form.


This sentence is not wrong per se. However technically my father's "younger" brother is मेरे चाचा


Children of Indian parents often refer to their parents friends as Uncle. In the Duolingo world it would be Aamir Uncle or Raj Uncle. Which "uncle" would they use or is there a generic "uncle" for such occasions?


Any 'uncle' word can be used but चाचाजी and ताऊजी (father's younger brother and older brother) are the most common (not just for parents' friends but any other older male adult) depending on the person's age.

However, the English 'uncle'/'uncleजी' is edging out the Hindi words for this usage (for people not related to you) in both urban and rural India. So much so that the words 'uncle' and 'aunty' are colloquially understood as a respectful term for an older adult rather than your parent's sibling in Indian English. To answer your question then, the generic 'uncle' is 'uncle' itself.


That is so interesting. Thank you.

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